Sabrina Ratih

G2 Esports

    Sabrina Ratih has 12 years of experience working in Marketing, Sports, Media, Sales, Partnership and Account Management across a variety of industries. She has a track record in translating brand assets into commercial propositions, Sales and client retention. Sabrina is successful in forming strategic agreements and orchestrating cross¬-functional teams to realise projects with strong attention to detail and the power to inspire.

    Sabrina formed and managed the first global partnership team at Red Bull before founding her own business. Value of We GmbH focusses on helping clients detect the right ways to partner, build smooth partnership workflows and cross-functional teams and seal the deal through guided negotiations.

    Part of her remit is being responsible for all things partnerships and Business Development at G2 Esports since November 2018.

    „I believe that partnerships and strategic alliances are one of the strongest value propositions for both, buyer and seller. When leaving the path of traditional sponsoring, brands have the opportunity to jointly create brave, unique, engaging and authentic experiences that satisfy the needs of today’s consumers .” – Sabrina Ratih, Value of We GmbH